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G4S is experienced at managing the transfer of staff through the TUPE process.

We place a high priority on communication and try to make the process as easy and as smooth as possible.


North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

In November 2008 G4S mobilised a contract to provide facilities

management services to hospitals in North West London. 517 members of staff transferred their employment to G4S as part of the contract.

The staff transferred from two private service providers and the NHS. There were 12 weeks between contract award and service commencement.

Kevin Duquesnay, Chef Manager

Kevin joined G4S when they took over the contract in North West London. He was a Catering Supervisor under the previous contractor, and has since been promoted to Chef Manager.

Kevin agreed to share some of his experiences of the TUPE process.

The Transfer

“There was some concern initially that jobs might have been lost. After the first few months it got better.”

G4S conducted an inventory of the existing equipment and identified areas for improvement. New equipment was provided including PDAs and electronic probes.

Throughout the transfer process members of the mobilisation team are available to provide advice.

“Nazish [the G4S HR Advisor] was really helpful. She gave me a lot of information.”

Consultation and meetings

Small team briefings and group presentations are held to provide an overview of the company, the contract and the changes that would be made. Individual meetings are available when required.

“The team explained the new company etc, other contracts, a bit of history. They explained the values and culture of the company.”

Career progression

Kevin was a Catering Supervisor under the previous service provider. He was promoted to Chef Manager at Central Middlesex Hospital in December 2009.

“I did talk about career progression in my one to one and have been given the opportunity I asked for. I’m now responsible for a lot of things.”

Kevin has attended Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) training courses to help develop his careers.

“[At the previous service provider] I didn’t get any training. This is one of the things that G4S promised and they have followed through.”

Company culture

“The G4S working culture is hard working. It drives you to get the job done. If you have the right frame of mind you will get on.”

One of G4S’ values is Best People – we always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunity and inspire them to live our values. Kevin feels that at G4S he has the opportunity to develop his career further.

“In a few years I want to achieve more. I do have the opportunity to do that at G4S. They do recognise if you put in the effort. We are a team, and we can get the job done like that.”

“Help is always there. The management made it clear that you can always ask questions. They are there to guide me along the way.”

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