Kate Lofts

Kate joined the company straight from leaving school as an Administrator in 2002. Although she knew very little about what the Cotswold Group did she quickly learnt about the Investigation work that the company undertook on behalf of its clients. After six months with the Company she moved into a role that involved analysing intelligence data. During the next couple of years the company grew significantly and Kate gained experience in Case Management, Management Information and Reporting and provide support and expertise when the company was looking at new business opportunities.

In April 2006 Kate was given the chance to project manage a major review of the company’s database. This involved looking at and reviewing the IT system requirements and processes and supporting the design and implementation of the system.

In April 2011 Kate was appointed to the role of Business Services Director where she is responsible for the IT systems, administration and supporting the business from an office and facilities perspective. Kate works across different teams within the organisation and her broad understanding of the business enables her to be successful in her job. Kate is currently working towards completing a degree in Business Studies.

Kate says: “Joining the company after leaving school was a great move for me. I have been able to gain invaluable work experience and develop my skills and knowledge quickly. Now I am able to compliment my work experience with further education and the company is very supportive of this”