G4S Main Cash UK

G4S Cash Solutions employs over 6,300 people in the UK and operate a fleet of almost 2,000 vehicles.  Our network of 42 branches and 10 cash centres enables us to service customers across the UK.

We are the UK’s leading provider of integrated cash handling services.  We specialise in the secure transportation and storage of cash and valuables, cash processing for businesses and a range of support services for ATM networks.  We have also been selected by a number of the UK’s banks to manage the processing of cash on behalf of their own banking customers.

Cash in Transit (CIT)

One of the more recognisable images of G4S Cash Solutions is of our fleet of armoured vehicles carrying out cash deliveries and collections for customers across the UK.  As the UK’s largest cash services company, we possess the expertise and experience to provide efficient and secure cash transportation services, which can be tailored to meet the requirements of each of our customers.

All services are carried out by security professionals, who have undergone specialised training to meet high industry standards.  Our fleet of cash transportation vehicles are some of the cash management industry’s most sophisticated and secure, which are constantly monitored by our control centre.  Cash is placed in tamper evident containers, which are issued with unique barcodes, which when scanned with our hand held terminals provides a full audit trail.

Cash Centres

Although best known for collecting and delivering cash, we operate a network of national cash centres, where our cashiers count the bank notes, coin and cheques that we collect from customers.  Upon completion, the amount counted is reported back to the customer to reconcile against their records.

Retail and Engineering

Our CASH360 solution is the only truly end-to-end cash management solution for retailers on the market today and makes it easier for them to take payment for goods and services in cash.  Our ATM solution comprises of a range services aimed at maximising ATM availability at the same time as optimising cash utilisation.   The services we offer can be integrated to form an ATM solution that includes ATM helpdesk and monitoring with fault diagnosis, ATM engineering including preventative maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, lock installation, access control, cash forecasting, cash packing and replenishment and cash reconciliation and banking.