G4S Electronic Monitoring

A day in the life of a First Line Manager working in Electronic Monitoring

What is Electronic Monitoring?
Within Electronic Monitoring (EM), we monitor subjects whilst they are on curfews in the community. The people we monitor vary in age from 10 to 80, are male and female and from all ethnic backgrounds. Curfews usually run from 7pm to 7am.  As visits can only be made during the curfew period, the work is predominantly evening and night work.

Is there a career path to follow?
There are lots of development opportunities for you to make the most of. Some First Line Managers (FLMs) come into the business and start straight away at managerial level. I worked my way through different job roles over two years. Initially I started at G4S as a Control Centre Officer in the Customer Service Centre, which was an exciting opportunity for me to change my career. From there I moved to a Field Service Centre as a Field Monitoring Officer as I really liked the sound of what they did. I then chose to utilise the skills I had developed and before too long, I was covering roles for the Administrator and Scheduler. This then led me to enrolling on the management development programme.

What does a standard shift look like?
We cover shifts during the week, over weekends, bank holidays and up to 3am, so this isn’t your average 9-5 office job. As a Field Service Centre FLM, you need to be able to drive as we are out on the road as much as possible with the team, observing, training, coaching and assessing. You could be out with officers driving over 150 miles a night, so you need to like driving. The sat nav provided with the car will assist you in getting to each location. You don’t need to drive for the Customer Service Centre management roles.

The work is extremely varied. I input and analyse data and support Field Monitoring Officers out in the field or in the Customer Service Centre to complete their duties as well as they can. I complete performance reviews and appraisals, NVQ assessments and training, as well as managing the absence and conduct of the team. No two days are the same. We have set objectives and targets to meet, which means that each day is challenging, but the most important thing is the sense of making a difference. I love what I do and there is no other job out there that comes even near it!

What are the five words to best describe the FLM role?
Demanding, challenging, at times emotional, but always rewarding and worthwhile!

“Being part of Electronic Monitoring makes me appreciate the role we have in protecting the public. I have to be totally confident in the decisions I make as they can have a direct impact on a subject’s life.”

Raymond Parr
Field Service First Line Manager

First Line Manager | About the job

No two days are the same for a First Line Manager (FLM). On a daily basis you will meet many people from all walks of life. Whether out on the road, in court or in the Customer Service Centre, you will manage your time and workload, supported by your manager and a dedicated team.

Are you the person we’re looking for?
This is a role with variety, responsibility and the opportunity to meet many different people. Tasks during each shift vary, but you should be confident, have great interpersonal skills, be prepared to instil standards and have the ability to develop your team.

What will I be doing?
  • Ensuring that all operational procedures are adhered to and targets met
  • Ensuring a healthy and safe work environment
  • Deploying resources and teams effectively
  • Managing team members, leading the team, conducting training and developmental reviews
  • Managing absence and conduct issues within company procedures
  • Building and maintaining relationships with internal and external customers
  • Promoting continuous improvement through team and individual involvement
  • Upholding and promoting the company values at all times
  • Completing Customer Care Visits to subjects and their families
Frequently asked questions

What are the hours and shifts like?
Shifts differ from location to location. Generally there will be a mixture of day and evening shifts between the hours of 7am and 1am, with occasional call-outs up to 3am. You will work a shift rota that includes weekends and bank holidays, so flexibility is important.

How much driving is there?

This depends on the FLM role. Court Managers need to be able to drive to local courts and other Field Service Centres. For Customer Service Centre roles there is no need to drive. Field Service FLMs can drive up to 150 miles per shift dependant upon location and workload.

Do I need previous experience for this type of work?

Managerial experience may be an advantage but is not essential. We welcome people from all backgrounds with a common sense approach and life experience. Your positive attitude, the ability to motivate yourself and others and a self-disciplined, non-judgmental approach are essential to succeed.

What training will I receive?

In order to become an FLM you will attend a comprehensive Initial Training Course which covers the company background and an introduction to Electronic Monitoring. You will then follow an eight-week Management Development Programme in order to become more familiar with the roles you will support and the business of EM. You will have regular reviews as part of the programme until you are comfortable with the role and responsibilities.

Where will I be based?
You could be based at our head office, the Customer Service Centre, at a Field Service Centre or as a home-worker (dependant on location).

Are there any opportunities for promotion and development?
All FLMs are qualified as part of their programme to ILM Level 2 and as an NVQ assessor. Once you have achieved this, you can apply for positions across the EM and the G4S business. Many of our Area Managers have come through the career path of FLM.

What are the benefits of working for G4S?
We invest heavily in our people and offer benefits that you would expect from a large quality organisation, including generous holiday entitlement, life assurance, company pension, sick pay scheme, comprehensive training and career development opportunities.