G4S Close Protection

As part of our Risk Management division, our Close Protection teams work with both government and commercial clients across the world – ensuring that employees and their families receive the protection they need at work, at home and on the move.

Join us in this area, and you’ll be involved in both high and low-profile security work – this may mean working in a wide range of environments, from remote sites to major business centres. You’ll be part of a small, expert and diverse team, and will receive the full support of our highly skilled administrative, managerial and operational staff.

Working in line with the host nation’s legal requirements and regulations – as well as our own standard operating procedures – you’ll build strong relationships with colleagues to maintain a cohesive, high-morale, high-performing team. Your interpersonal skills will be as vital as your ability to thrive in a high-risk environment where pressure is a way of life.

Having completed a recognised Close Protection course and obtained an SIA licence in this field, your background in the military will have given you considerable experience of working in hostile environments. During this time, you’ll have demonstrated your ability to use assigned weapons effectively, and will have built an in-depth knowledge of weapon operation, maintenance and features.

Personal integrity is all-important, and you’ll place the very highest importance on safety – for your clients, for your colleagues and for yourself. First aid and CPR training would be an additional advantage, as would commercial field experience of close protection operations in the Middle East or a similar environment.