Randee Magallon

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G4S is experienced at managing the transfer of staff through the TUPE process.

We place a high priority on communication and try to make the process as easy and as smooth as possible.

North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

In November 2008 G4S mobilised a contract to provide facilities management services to hospitals in North West London. 517 members of staff transferred their employment to G4S as part of the contract.

The staff transferred from two private service providers and the NHS. There were 12 weeks between contract award and service commencement.

Randee Magallon, Procurement Coordinator

Randee transferred to G4S when they took over the contract for Northwick Park Hospital. He was involved in the transfer process and was asked to organise the briefings for staff, so that everyone could meet a member of the mobilisation team without affecting service delivery.

The mobilisation team

“The transfer was quite structured. Before the formal introduction we had seen the mobilisation team around.

They had a workstation on which made it easy to find them. If there are any issues we know who to get hold of. Everyone was at the workstation – everyone could walk in with a question.”

The team organised group meetings to provide an overview of the company and what they hoped to achieve with this contract to the transferring employees.

“The history of the company was explained. An overview of the company was presented, plus an idea of the business going forward.”

Terms and conditions

When staff transferred to G4S they moved to Agenda for Change (AfC) terms and conditions. All jobs must be matched to nationally evaluated profiles in order to determine pay scales. This process can take some time, and it was not possible to confirm pay levels immediately.

“A major concern was pay. This was difficult to answer because of the transfer to AfC. Most other queries were answered

All staff received a letter once the AfC bands were determined.”

Meetings and consultation

“The issues I raised in my one-to-one meeting were actioned and put in to place.”

Questions about terms and conditions were cleared up in the initial meetings, which took place over the space of a week. Staff could request one-to-one meetings with the mobilisation team if they had questions or wanted further information.

“All members of staff met the mobilisation team. The mobilisation team even came in at weekends to meet the weekend shift workers.”

Around the briefings and group presentations informal meetings were set up to introduce the mobilisation teams.

“There was a video presentation on what G4S is, other contracts and the experience of people who have TUPEd over to other contracts. We were presented with the uniforms and new business practices.”


G4S did not change staff roles and rotas immediately,. They reviewed the situation over a couple of months to determine where changes were necessary.

“The uncertainty around roles caused some concern. This was handled by management talking to staff, explaining why things were changing and what would happen going forward.”

“There are identity changes. There is a distinct culture in G4S.”

Career development

Since joining G4S Randee’s role and hours have changed. He suggested the change in hours in order improve operational efficiency.

“I suggested this in the first few months of the contract. They can’t please everybody but they do listen to requests.”

Randee was nominated to attend an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) training course and recently achieved the ILM Level 3 award in First Line Management.

“No changes were made without consultation. There was two way communication and the mobilisation team listened to feedback from staff.”

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